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Will The Sixth Season Of Game Of Thrones Ruin Reading Experience For Book-Lovers?

Will The Sixth Season Of Game Of Thrones Ruin Reading Experience For Book-Lovers?

By on May 19, 2016 in Sixth Season |

The long expected sixth season of epic HBO drama Game of Thrones was premiered on April 24. Since then, after a year-long break, all fans of the series are stuck to their TV screens every Sunday, following the complex and exciting story, expecting new shocking plot twists and speculating what will happen next.
The series of books A Song of Ice and Fire, written by George R.R. Martin, was concluded by the fifth book A Dance with Dragons, and those who prefer reading to watching TV series are eagerly expecting a new book The Winds of Winter.

However, there is one big concern of the book fans since the sixth season of the series started its broadcast – they are afraid that the series will spoil the story for them and ruin their reading experience.

However, George R.R. Martin released a chapter of the book in progress, and this chapter announces that the novels and the TV series are actually going to be quite different.

The books rely on weaving the fates and the perspectives of different characters throughout the story, in order to create a variety of plots that are connected into one main story. The latest season of the series also has similar approach, displaying the separate stories and events of different characters, while the viewers hope and expect that the stories will intersect and connect at some point. The chapter of the book in progress, which was recently released by George R.R. Martin, turns out to be narrated by a character who is not included in the TV series and who has never been mentioned.

The chapter puts main focus on Arianne Martell, and it is also named “Arianne” after this character. She is the daughter of Prince Doran and Prince Trystane’s sister. If you have watched the episodes of the sixth season of the series, you know that both these characters lost their lives in the Sand Snake’s coup. The chapter does not only follow
Arianne, but there are several other characters that are familiar only to the readers, because they do not appear in the series. Also, the characters are developed differently in the book and in the series, and this is also the case with the characters shown in the latest season of the episode and those from the chapter of the book that is still being written. For instance, those who follow the TV series know Ellaria Sand as a cruel and bitter leader looking for revenge. In the books, she is a much softer character than she appears to be in the series.

The season six of Game of Thrones continues, and for now, book lovers can tell that the characters from the show and those from the book are different to some point. After all, those who have both read all the books and watched all the episodes released so far can confirm that there are differences. One noted positive addition is a fantastic score provided by.

Martin claims that the show makers may not be exactly on the same page with him, but they are still on the same book.